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Sasoon Yengibaryan

Sasoon Yengibaryan

As a sculptor I consider it and honor to present my works and ideas about this fascinating and valuable art. I hope my works will be attracting to you.

I am highly interested in your opinion or even criticism related to my works, ideas or my web site. Currently I live and work in New York City. See my Contacts to get in touch with me. I will definitely take into consideration all your remarks and will be glad to collaborate with you.

International Symposiums

International Symposium of Sculpture - Russia, 2008

San Yengibar had participated in the International Symposium of Sculpture from 01 to 30 of August, 2008 in the town of Samara, Russia. The Symposium was consecrated to the “Year of Family” that had spending in Russia in 2008. There was created 10 statues by 10 sculptors invited from different countries. The statues were created from 2,5m high limestone. It was like beautiful opened sky performance for the people of Samara; and the sculptors left their works for these nice town located on river Volga.
San Yengibar has created the sculpture named “Forever”.

International Symposium of Sculpture - Syria, 2007

San Yengibar took part to the International Symposium of Sculpture from June 10 to July 10, 2007 in the town of Mashta Helou, Syria. The aim of the symposium was the birth of a core of the first opened sky museum in Syria. Many famous artists from different countries as well as from Syria have participated. This gathering was a part of a series of integrated projects that targeted to invest the art energies of Syrian artists and foreigners in the different directions (Sculpture, Paint, Photography, Decoration, and Music) and employee this on Tourism and Culture activation in Syria with a press coverage and spotlight on this project.
San has used marble for its sculpture named “Gardener”.


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